Additional Information

What is a "Coupon Code" and how does it work?

Many individual churches provide a scholarship towards the cost of the camp fee for their youth.

  • Check with your church to see if they are participating in  scholarships.  If so, they will give you a coupon code specific to your  church.
  • When registering online through our website you will select the  applicable event and follow the prompts to the "Shopping Cart" page.
  • At this point you will see a box where you can enter the coupon  code, and click "REDEEM".  The page will "refresh" and show your new  balance with the scholarship amount deducted.  You can then complete  your transaction.
  • Print out a copy of your transaction or print out a copy of your  confirmation e-mail showing your payment, and forward it to your church.
  • Your church will then send URC a check for  the amount of the scholarship.  You MUST inform the church of your  registration in order for URC to be paid in full, and in a timely manner  please.  THANK YOU!

What if I need a Scholarship?

     We do ask that you first check with your local church to see if they can  help.  If you need further financial assistance, or you do not attend a  local church, URC can help with a partial or full scholarship.  (You  can still register online - URC will provide you with a unique coupon  code).  We will do everything we can to get you a scholarship.  We do  ask that you honestly complete our Scholarship Request Form and forward  it to Matt & Sharon at URC.  Your information will be kept  confidential.  Please call: (337) 738-4218 or email:  directors@campurc.com if you have questions or need us to mail a Scholarship Request Form to you. 

When and where is Check-In for camp?
    We will welcome you for Check-In at the Dining Hall for all summer camps. The camps that start on Monday registration will start between 10:00am and 11:00am  on the first day of camp.  When you arrive we will greet you and let  you know where to go to next. For weekend camps, check-in also takes  place at the Dining Hall at 7:00pm on Friday.  

When do I pick up my camper, and what about the closing meal?
     We would like to personally invite you to our end of camp meal at 12  Noon on the last day of each camp event.  Following lunch at about  12:30pm we will present a short slide show video highlighting the events  of your child's time at URC.  If you would like to join us for the  meal, please let us know during the online registration, at Check-In, or  please call ahead of time.  The cost is $6.50 per person (Your camper's  meal cost is already included), children 5 and under are free!  The  closing meal is not applicable to weekend camps.

Can I drop off my child early, or pick them up late?
    In order for our staff to be completely prepared for our campers' arrival we ask that you PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE EARLY FOR CAMP!   As soon as the closing meal is over our summer staff are busy cleaning  up the camp, and de-briefing from the week.  We ask that you make all  efforts to find a friend, relative or church member to pick up your  child if you are not able to. 

How much should I allow my camper to have for Canteen/Concessions?
     When you arrive, if you have not already done so, you can put aside  some money for Canteen/Concessions.  We suggest a maximum of $3.00 per  day.  All our items are priced at $0.75 (Candy Bars, Ice Creams &  Canned Soda).  We collect the money and keep track of spending, so there  is no need for a camper to have money left with them at camp.  Canteen  is in addition to our wonderful food service which is wholesome and  filling!

When can we buy items from the Camp Store?
     We will be selling some fun items in the camp store, and we encourage  you to stop by.  Fun Soft Animals, Sunglasses, Disposable Cameras, Key  Chains, Bottle Holders, T-Shirts and Flash Lights are some of the items  available.  Our camp T-Shirt is $12.  The camp store will only be open  during Check-in and at the Closing Meal.

Can I purchase a picture CD of the photos you take at camp for the week?
     Absolutely!  When you come to URC for Check-In, you will have an  opportunity to "Pre-Buy" a copy of the photo CD we compile for that  week's camp.  The picture CD can be picked up at the camp closing.  The  pre-buy price is just $8.  If you don't pre-buy a CD you may still  purchase one to be mailed to you for $10.

What "Stuff" do we need to pack?

  • Bible - If you do not own one we will provide.
  • Medications - In original container please. We will look after these during camp.
  • Clothing - please bring only modest summer clothing. Pack a rain jacket or poncho in case.
  • Bedding - Sheets & blankets or a sleeping bag, and pillow.
  • Shoes - Closed toe and heel tennis shoes for most  activities. Flip flops only for pool time. Also shoes that can get wet,  such as water shoes.
  • Swimwear - Modest one piece swimsuits please.
  • Flashlight, Sun Block, Bug Spray.
  • Toiletries - Toothbrush and paste, soap, shampoo  etc. Remember any solutions and supplies for contact lenses. We do have  some supplies for forgotten toiletry items.
  • Bath Towel and Wash Cloth - for showers and swimming.
  • Optional Items - Sunglasses, pen and notebook, envelopes and stamps, hats, camera. Spending money is not needed. Any money for canteen can be included in your camp fee on the registration or given upon arrival. Please do not leave money with your camper.
  • Positive Attitude - Camp is a fun place if we all work together as a team.

What should we leave at home?

  • Cell Phones: PLEASE DO NOT BRING CELL PHONES TO CAMP!  With  increased ease of cell phone access to inappropriate material on the  internet, among other reasons, we do not allow cell phones here.  Phones  will be removed and kept safe in our office and returned at closing.   Parents - please make sure your child leaves their phone with you after  check-in.
  • Watches: Our staff will make sure campers get to places on time.
  • Expensive Cameras
  • Hand held video games
  • Snack Foods

 These items are simply not needed at camp.  We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining the special camp atmosphere WITHOUT these items. 

What Rules and Guidelines are there?

  •  Any kind of tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs are simply not allowed at URC.
  • Please pack and wear modest clothing at camp.  We are here to draw  our hearts and eyes towards Christ only!  Girls: Leave the "short  shorts", low cut tops and "spaghetti straps" at home please.  Also make  sure you have "One Piece" swim suits ONLY.  Boys: Make sure your  underwear is kept covered at all times.  Thank You.
  • Candy and drinks are not allowed in the cabins (Water is an exception).  We like to keep the ants and bugs outside!
  • No flip flops will be allowed around general camp - only to pool time and back - this is for your safety.
  • Absolutely NO graffiti or unnecessary damage to camp property will be tolerated.
  • Camp raids of any kind are not allowed.
  • All campers are to stay in their assigned cabins - no gender mixing is allowed.
  • Please treat others at camp as children of God.  Refrain from harsh  words, put-downs, sexual harassment, violence or fighting.  Thank You!

How do I contact my child, or my child contact me in an emergency?
     Campers will not have access to telephones or email for the week, but  if an emergency arises you can call URC at (337) 738-4218, 24 hours a  day.  Should we need to reach you, we will have the emergency contact  information you provided from your child's registration paperwork.

I know my child will not have access to the phone or internet, but may I send an email to them?
     Yes - we have a special dedicated email address just so family can send  an email message to their camper.  It is a great way to send them  "letters" without the costs or time it takes to mail them.  Messages  will be given out to campers each day.  You can email your camper at  campers@campurc.com.  Please specify who the email is for in the "subject" line of the message.

What training does your summer staff have?
    Our summer staff have 2 full weeks of training that include:

  • 1st Aid & CPR
  • Low & High Ropes Course Training
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Archery Instruction
  • Rock Wall Training
  • River Canoe Training
  • Age appropriateness
  • Leading Bible studies & Worship
  • A full and thorough review of all safety guidelines

What happens if I need to change/switch camp weeks?
     If you have already registered and need to switch to another camp, just  give us a call and we can easily transfer your child to a different  camp event.  If the price is different, we either owe you, or you owe us  the difference.

What is your refund policy?
     If you need to cancel, please note that there is a 15% non-refundable  cancellation fee which will be deducted from your refund.  You must  notify us MORE than 2 weeks prior to the camp event START date to receive a refund.  No refunds will be given for cancellations received within 2 weeks of the camp event start date.

How do I book a Retreat?
    First of all, check out our book a retreat page of our website.  We have some simple steps to booking your retreat.